Recruitment Process and Services

Initial Contact

First non-formal interview with candidate

Qualifying phase

Experience and background

Relevant information needed for us to go through the next stage

First Stage

Formatting resume to the Australian standards and translation if needed

Understanding of how we will be forwarding all your details to a migration agent

Making sure the migration agent has all the needed information

Meeting with our head migration agent

Market report for your industry by our head recruitment specialist, in depth discussion

Quote from our migration with different options with qualified and eligible candidates

We will be working with you along the way, do everything on your behalf, commit to finding you the right opportunity with a promise of sponsorship to come, work and live in Australia (employment contract in hand)

Interview & Briefing

Confirm history / qualification

Key Expertise and achievements

Behavioural assessment

Skills assessment

Recommendation & Reference Check

In depth reference check phase

Get the client to be in touch with referees if needing specific information

Agree on quality of the reference check and move on to the next stage of the process

Approaching clients on Behalf of the Qualified Candidate

Organisation details

Establish requirements


Everything needing to know to match the candidates needs

Meeting with Companies & Hiring Managers

We will be contacting companies and make appointments

Make sure that they have a good understanding of the process until submission of employment contract

All migration advice will be shared with the companies at this stage and understanding of sponsorship / cost for them

Organising meeting between both parties:

First non-formal interview

Main interview with hiring managers

We will endeavour to attend one of the meetings between you and the company’s decision makers

Offer, Contract & Sponsorship

Hiring managers will be confirming that the successful candidate will be getting an offer

Once offer accepted, an official contract will be issued

The company will endeavour to organise the visa, they will follow our migration agent advice or ask their HR department for advice, depending on size of the company

A start date will be confirmed taking into consideration the notice period (if candidate is occupying a position) and the time needed to relocate to Australia.

First Stage: Initial Contact

Meeting with potential new candidate

Understanding of what they would like to achieve

Important piece of information needed from them

Meeting with our head migration agent

Options available to qualified and eligible candidates

Second Stage: Finalizing Stage

Interview and briefing

Recommendation and reference check

Approaching clients on behalf of the candidate

Meeting with companies and hiring managers

Offer, contract and sponsorship

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